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Toysters Wooden Toy Guitar Ukulele with Real Tuning


➤ Are you looking for a creative way to get your child interested in music? ➤ You may notice the bright smile on your child’s face when they watch you play an instrument or a catchy jingle comes on the radio. Music makes everyone happy! Spend some quality time with your child and introduce them to musical instruments, basic music...

Toysters Wooden Musical Instruments for Toddlers


* LET YOUR CHILD PICK THEIR FAVORITE INSTRUMENT– The Mexican instrument set for toddlers includes 4 kid-friendly instruments: Maraca, Clacker, Flute and Tambourine plus a storage box! They canplay around with them and decide which one they enjoy playing the most.* SUCH A FUN, INTERACTIVE WAY TO WORK ON SKILLS – Your child will have a blast playing aroundwith this...

Toysters Toddler Piano Keyboard Toy


➤ Would you like to introduce your toddler to the wonderful world of music in an enjoyable, creative way?   ➤ Wouldn’t be even better if they could play music while at the same time improving crucial developmental skills?   ➤ Are you looking for a beautiful and fun décor piece to add to your kids’ bedroom?   We have...