Toyster's Alphabet Stamp Puzzle

$29.99 USD

2-IN-1 Alphabetic Wood Puzzle and Stamps – This versatile puzzle features pieces that double as stamps! Each of the 26 alphabet pieces can be used with the included washable, non-toxic ink pads in red and blue.

Kids can easily grab each stamp by the peg, press it into the ink, and stamp out names, pictures, collages, letters, sentences, and more. Perfect for creative play, making custom invitations, or embossing goodie bags.

When playtime is over, each piece fits back into the puzzle board, making cleanup simple. The ink pads ensure no mess, and the entire set is made with safe, non-toxic materials.


- 26 ABC stamps (the entire alphabet)

- 2 washable, non-toxic ink pads (red and blue)

Engage your child's creativity and learning with this 2-in-1 puzzle and stamp set!

Safe for Kids: Smooth edges and non-toxic materials ensure a safe play experience.

Educational Value: Promotes cognitive development through problem-solving and spatial recognition.

Fine Motor Skills: Enhances fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination as children grasp and fit pieces together, improving dexterity and precision in their movements.

Child-Friendly Design: Chunky, easy-to-handle pieces perfect for little hands to manipulate.

Engaging and Colorful: Vibrant, colorful design captures children’s attention and stimulates their imagination.

Developmental Benefits: Encourages logical thinking, problem-solving, and patience, fostering a sense of perseverance and achievement.

Interactive Play: Ideal for solo play or with friends, fostering social skills and cooperative play.

Age Appropriate: Designed specifically for young children, making it an ideal gift for toddlers and preschoolers.

High-Quality Construction: Made of durable wood to last, ensuring safety and longevity.

Number of Pieces 29
Pieces Letters A to Z, 2 ink stamps