Toysters Baby Doll Stroller

$79.99 USD

✅ TODDLERS CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF THIS TOY! – This wooden toddler walker with wheels is super
cute. Your little one can place their favorite stuffed animal on the seat in front and push the wagon
around the house. The silicone wheel tread is wonderful for outdoor use too!
✅ HELPS IMPROVE BALANCE AND COORDINATION – Toddlers can be a bit wobbly and hesitant when
they first learn how to stand up. This doll buggy has a smooth wooden handle for them to grip onto to
for balance, stability and to help build their confidence.
✅ DESIGNED WITH YOUR CHILD’S SAFETY IN MIND – The push toy is crafted from premium
beechwood/plywood that is sanded and smoothed down. It’s painted with non-toxic, kid-friendly paint.
No odors or smells. There’s even a toy storage compartment in the back!
✅ ADJUSTABLE WHEELS – KIDS CAN FIND THEIR PACE – Every child is unique! The wheels can be
adjusted so you can tailor the speed of the walker wagon to your child’s walking pace. As they gain more
confidence you can adjust them to increase the speed.
✅ INCLUDES A BONUS MATTRESS AND PILLOW – Ride in style and comfort! The stand up walker comes
with a mattress and pillow too! Both items fit perfectly on the seat. This is great when they want to give
their little brother or sister a ride around!➤ Did your toddler just start standing up on their own and maybe took their first steps?
➤ Do they have a favorite doll, stuffed animal or toy that always needs to be by their side?
If so, Toysters Wooden Walker Wagon will be a hit!
This high-quality wooden push toy is also great for:
⭐ Balance and Coordination
⭐ Building Self Confidence
⭐ Learning Through Imitating
⭐ Fine Motor Skills
⭐ Focus and Concentration
That moment when your toddler first stands up on their own and takes a few steps is truly
unforgettable. All parents are a combination of proud, excited, happy and nervous.
Let our baby doll carrier ease a bit of your worry. It’s designed to assist children in getting up and
keeping them balanced as they start exploring on their own two feet.
Suitable for ages 10 months and up.
Superior Craftsmanship – Built to Last!
 Made from beechwood/plywood that is sanded and smoothed down.
 There are no rough edges and never any splinters.
 The handle is perfectly sized for toddler’s little hands.
 It’s painted with non-toxic, kid-friendly paint.
 There are no funky odors or chemical smells.
 The wheels have a silicone tread that is perfect for indoor and outdoor use.
 The wheels can also be easily adjusted so you can cater the speed to your child’s walking pace.
Keep Toys Out of the Way!
Behind the seat is a nifty little toy storage compartment. This is a great spot to store your child’s favorite
toys and also keep them off the floor, so they don’t trip over them!
� Trying to think of the perfect toddler gift? Look no further. It’s a great gift idea that both boys and
girls will enjoy!
We wanted to provide you with maximum value… Every wood toy wagon comes with a mattress and
pillow too!
Click the “Add to Cart” button now and watch how much fun little kids have pushing this wagon around!