Toyster's My Toaster Set

$19.99 USD

It's time for a delicious breakfast! Whether your little one prefers their toast lightly browned or well-done, they can create the perfect toast every time with Toyster's Wooden Toaster Set. This charming set lets young chefs prepare breakfast just the way they like it.

Key Features:

Interactive Play: Place the wooden slices of bread in the toaster, turn the dial to select the desired toasting level, and push down the lever to toast! Watch as the toast pops up when it's ready.

Complete Set: Includes a wooden toaster, 2 slices of bread, 4 pats of butter, a butter dish, a knife, and a jar of jam.

Realistic Design: The butter pats stick together with self-stick tabs, allowing kids to slice them apart with the child-friendly knife and add just the right amount of butter to their toast.

Imaginative Fun: Encourages role-playing, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills while fostering creativity and imagination.

This set is perfect for young children who love to mimic their parents in the kitchen.

 It's an excellent way to introduce them to cooking, develop their motor skills, and engage in imaginative play.

Recommended for kids aged 24 months and up

The Toyster's Wooden Toaster Set is a wonderful gift, providing endless hours of fun and learning for little chefs!

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