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Toyster’s Wooden Chunky Foot Puzzle for Toddlers



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➤ Looking for a unique, simple toy to give to a toddler that doesn’t require hours of assembly and won’t drive you insane while they play with it?


➤ Wouldn’t it be great if this toy helped little kid’s refine their fine motor skills?


Toysters Wooden Chunky Foot Puzzle for Toddlers is all of that and more!


Our puzzles are an affordable, quiet and mess-free way for your young ones to keep busy. We have a variety of different designs so there is sure to be one that your child will love.


Great When On-The-Go!

Do you take your infant with you when you’re out shopping or running errands? Looking for an activity to keep your child occupied when you’re travelling or waiting around at the airport? This puzzle is very easy to pack and super portable. You’ll bring it everywhere!


This shape puzzle for toddlers also helps with:

🧠 Hand-Eye Coordination

🧠 Color Recognition

🧠 Fine Motor Skills

🧠 Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

🧠 Language & Social Skills

🧠 Logical Reasoning


🎁 Fantastic Gift Idea That All Children Love

These adorable puzzles are the perfect gift idea for holidays and birthdays. They’re a great stocking stuffer too! Suitable for all boys and girls ages 2 and up. You’ll feel great knowing you got a gift that every toddler enjoys playing with while also assisting in their healthy development.


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