Toysters Wooden Baby Walker and Block Puzzle Push Cart

$59.99 USD
Type: Educational

The Best Walking Accessory When Your Child Starts Exploring!

🍼 Provides extra support – When children first learn to stand up and take their first steps, they’re a little shaky and unsure of themselves. It’s an entirely new experience for them! This baby walker will help them walk all over, full of confidence and smiling from ear to ear.

😝 Compartment Loaded with Toys – It’s not only great for exploring, but it includes a variety of colorful shapes and building blocks to play around with. When your child needs a little break, they can sit down and play some games then continue with their stroll. All the blocks store neatly in the compartment, so there is never any mess!

🎁 Excellent Gift Idea – This baby push walker is a welcomed addition to all playrooms, daycares, and waiting rooms. Toddlers are eager to get their hands on it so they can start walking around and showing off their new skill!

Effortless, confident walking while also:

🍊 Improving hand-eye coordination

🍊 Working on counting and math skills

🍊 Shape sorting and color recognition

🍊 Fine motor skill development

🍊 Problem solving skills

🍊 Memory, focus, and concentration

🍊 Critical thinking skills

✅ Strong and Sturdy – Built to Last

The infant walker and blocks are made from premium wood that is sanded and smoothed down. Splinters and rough, dangerous edges are never a concern. The sturdy frame can easily handle children pushing and leaning on it. We only use non-toxic, water-based, kid-safe paint. If the learning toy gets a little dirty, you can quickly wipe it down and disinfect.

Your child’s first steps is a magical moment. It’s exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time! Give your child a little extra support and achieve some peace of mind with this unique walker wagon!