Toysters Wooden Dinner Cutting Play Food Set

$19.99 USD

* DING, DING, DING… IT’S DINNER TIME! – These cutting toys are a great way for kids to learn the
names of a variety of foods will playing around. They have a realistic look and sound! Each wooden piece
makes a “crunch” sound when they slice through it with the knife.                                *IMITATE YOU WHILE YOUR IN THE KITCHEN – Keep your child occupied while you’re in the kitchen
whipping up dinner. They’ll work away on their own pretend food set imitating what you’re doing.
Observing and copying what others are up to is great way for kids to learn.
* GREAT RESOURCE FOR FINE MOTOR DEVELOPMENT – This play food for toddlers is great way for
children to work on hand eye coordination, hand and grip strength, concentration while also
encouraging speech and pre-writing skills. Speech therapists love this Montessori-inspired toy.
* DURABLE CRAFTSMANSHIP, 100% KID-SAFE – This premium educational toy is made from ultra-
smooth, splinter-free wood. Each piece is hand-painted with colorful water-based, non-toxic paint that’s
safe for kids. The Velcro tabs holding the pieces together are strong and won’t rip or wear down.
* PERFECT GIFT FOR LITTLE BOYS AND GIRLS – Pretend cutting food are a terrific gift that boys and girls
both love playing with. Give it as a gift for birthdays or holidays. Children can slice up veggies and fish
and prepare them to bring their own creation to the table!

Let children’s imaginations run wild with this unique, open-ended play set!
➤ Wouldn’t it be cool if you found a toy that both boys and girls loved to play with and helped with
important early developmental skills?
Presenting Toysters Wooden Cutting Play Food Set!

The wooden play food will provide hours of entertainment and learning with no mess!
➤ Included in this set are: Knife, Cutting Board, Fish and a Variety of Vegetables.
All of the foods have little Velcro tabs holding the pieces together. When your little one slices the food
the Velcro makes an exciting “crunch” sound that always puts a big smile on their face!
Such a blast to play with and more!
* Learning through imitation
* Improves hand-eye coordination
* Sharpen fine motor skills
* Increased finger strength and dexterity
* Improved memory and concentration
* Critical thinking and shape recognition
* Encourages speech and pre-writing
First-Rate Quality and Safe for Kids
• These kitchen accessories are made from high-quality wood that is sanded and smoothed down
to prevent Splinters and rough dangerous edges.
• They’re painted with vibrant non-toxic, kid-safe paint.
• The Velcro securely holds the pieces together but it is still easy to cut.
• The tabs won’t wear down or tear easily.
• This toy is suitable for boys and girls 1 years old and up.
* Trying to think of a gift for your son, daughter, grandson, granddaughter, niece or nephew?
All children love our imaginative play set. They can imitate mom and dad in the kitchen and slice and
dice up delectable meals to show off to everyone!
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